Power Frequency Transformer

Power Frequency Transformer

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Product description:
Power frequency transformers are also called low frequency transformers. Power frequency transformers have been used extensively in traditional power supplies in the past, and the stabilization methods of these power supplies are linearly regulated, so those traditional power supplies are also called linear power supplies. Power frequency generally refers to the frequency of commercial power, which is 50Hz in China and 60Hz in other countries. The transformer that can change the voltage of alternating current at this frequency is called a power frequency transformer.
Product manual:
1. The low temperature rise of our company's transformers is mainly due to the use of low-loss silicon steel sheets and pure copper windings to ensure that
The power of the transformer. Low temperature rise brings longer life.
2. The lead wire is firmly welded to ensure the conductive performance.
3. High voltage test: 3000VAC / 1min without breakdown.
4. Vacuum dipping paint, better protection of transformer, moisture, oxidation and corrosion.
5. Fully flame-retardant materials.
6. High mechanical strength. Best-in-class shock and vibration resistance.
7. High automation guarantees the consistency of the product.



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