Wuxi Derun, a professional manufacturer of high frequency tr

Wuxi Derun has been recognized as a reliable manufacturer of high frequency transformers since 2004, serving customers worldwide. competing with Japanese Well-known companies such as TDK. In the past 20 years, we have been focusing on serving customers and ensuring quality. We’ve received so many well-known customers such as Samsung, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Haier, Hisense, Philips, Siemens, Kohler, Skyworth, TCL and so on. This high frequency transformer is widely used in various types of electronic equipment, especially in switching power supplies. Our high frequency transformer design is led by an experienced, cutting-edge engineering team. High-frequency transformers with various output specifications can be customized to meet the stringent requirements of customers. of course, we can also use our current high frequency transformer design to optimize and reduce costs, and provide our experienced solutions to help customers solve current supplier delivery or quality issues. Every high-frequency transformer produced by our company has stood the test and is the result of many experiments by technicians. We source raw materials from established and quality suppliers in the industry to ensure the highest quality materials are used to manufacture durable high performance transformers. The structure of the high frequency transformer is relatively complicated compared to the inductance. They are composed of a plurality of primary and secondary windings, each winding determines the parameter requirements of the product. and sometimes multiple casing connections are required. The main raw materials are skeleton, magnetic, enameled wire, and so much. In addition, the high-frequency transformer is small, lightweight and affordable compared to the power frequency transformer. More importantly, high frequency transformers can now be effectively put into automated production, reducing costs and increasing production efficiency. Wuxi Derun introduced a number of mid-stage assembly, back-end inspection automatic production lines, and dozens of automatic winding machines and other automation equipment. The daily output is about 2 times that of the past. Of course, there are drawbacks in automated production equipment. First, the machine itself is expensive and costly. Secondly, it requires professional maintenance, and the debugging machine is more complicated. However, Wuxi Derun knows that automation is an inevitable process of technological advancement. Therefore, no matter whether it is future or now, it will continue to promote the automatic production of high frequency transformers and become one of the most professional high frequency transformer manufacturers in China. Therefore, in the design of switching power supply, high frequency transformers are more favored by engineers, and in recent years, they have gradually replaced power frequency transformers.



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