The Difference Between Transformer And Inductor

Common points: all are wrapped in enameled wire, with iron core or core inside.
The difference: the transformer is mainly used for voltage conversion, which is based on the law of electromagnetic induction. Inductance coils are commonly used in electronic circuits, according to Lenz's law. The former generally has two or three windings, and has a primary winding and a secondary winding. For the step-up transformer, the primary winding has a small number of turns, the secondary winding has a large number of turns and the wire diameter is fine, and the step-down transformer is On the contrary, the number of primary turns is small, the number of secondary turns is small, and the wire diameter is coarse, which is widely used as a power source in various electrical appliances. Inductor coils are basically used in two aspects in electronic circuits:
1: Used in conjunction with a capacitor resistor for a waveform generation circuit or a frequency selection circuit,
2: In the case where the current is relatively large and the pulsation is relatively large, it is used as a leveling device in the circuit. There are many other occasions, such as ballasts in fluorescent lamps, which are mainly based on the principle that the current across the inductor coil cannot be abruptly changed when the current change rate is too fast to generate a high back electromotive force.



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