Introduction of high-protection filter inductor transformer

The electronic products industry market is changing rapidly, requiring basic components to keep up with the pace of product renewal. Especially in the past six months, to cope with the meager and efficient design of downstream general electronic products, some inductors and transformer using new materials and new processes have come on the market. As a kind of passive component with higher customized components, in the current inductor product design and development process, transformer manufacturers are required to be customized according to their customized appearance, size and characteristics, combined with their own production experience and technology. In addition to the demand, it is also necessary to achieve the goal of vertical integration in production, to provide customers with comprehensive product services.
The high-protection filter inductor transformer is a common mode interference suppression device with ferrite or an amorphous core. It is symmetrically wound by two coils of the same size and the same number of turns in the same ferrite or amorphous core. On the core, the coils are wound in opposite directions to form a four-terminal device. When the differential mode current flows through the two coils, two mutually canceling magnetic fields H1 and H2 are generated. At this time, the operating current is mainly damped by the coil ohmic resistance and the negligible small leakage inductance at the operating frequency, so the differential mode signal may be absent. Passing through the attenuation; when the common-mode current flows, the magnetic fluxes in the magnetic ring are superimposed on each other, so that the inductance is relatively large, and the coil exhibits high impedance, which produces a strong damping effect and reaches the common-mode current. Therefore, the common-mode inductor can effectively suppress the common-mode interference signal in the balanced line and has no effect on the differential mode signal that the line normally transmits.
Wuxi Derun Electronics Co., Ltd. has invested in high-precision automatic production lines (automatic assembly, secondary soldering, testing, trademark printing, and tray production lines) in cooperation with high-protection filter inductors. The total investment of equipment is more than 1.6 million yuan. Stable continuous production in hours.
For example, in recent years, Wuxi Derun Electronics Co., Ltd. provided design filters for the Johnson Controls Hitachi Air Conditioning (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. model RRMH4366, and the technical department of Johnson Controls Hitachi Air Conditioning (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. used in air conditioning control panels and refrigerator control panels. Reliability testing to develop a new high-end model, promote product diversification and upgrade, and increase the added value of the product. RRMH4366 This product has passed trial production and test products, its protection interference indicators meet technical requirements and can reduce operating costs and market share by 7% to 10%.



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