Energy-saving,heat-dissipating switching power transformers

With the development of information technology and digitalization of electronic products in the 21st century, chip-type and miniaturized electronic transformers will gradually replace traditional electronic transformers. The market demand has promoted the development of electronic transformers toward lighter, thinner, and smaller ones. At present, China's electronic transformer industry is not only facing the crisis of rising labor and raw materials but also facing opportunities in emerging markets. The rise of raw materials has brought great fluctuations to the originally stable electronic transformer industry, and also made the development of some small and medium-sized enterprises more difficult.
At the same time as the development of transformers in light, thin, and small, the company established an enterprise technology center in 2018 in order to improve the energy-saving and heat-dissipation performance of its products, and won the honor of Wuxi City Technology Center to accelerate the promotion of enterprise innovation and technological progress, and enhance enterprise technology development With the innovation ability, promote the close combination of scientific research and production, accelerate the transformation of high-tech achievements, improve the self-development and market competitiveness of enterprises, increase investment in science and technology, and carry out research projects on energy-saving and heat-dissipating switch power switching transformers through industry-university-research cooperation.

Aiming at the industrialization of target products, the focus is on the production process and batch production process of energy-saving and heat-dissipating switching power transformers.

Coordinated axis control technology, optimization of assembly and debugging of complete production lines; realization of high-performance, automated mass production and other technical indicators, formation of manufacturing process specifications, regulations, technical quality standards and databases for energy-saving heat-dissipating switching power transformers The modularization, serialization and standardization of the design form the mass production capacity of the target product. To meet the needs of industries such as rail vehicles, new energy, charging piles, etc., so that the research and development and transformer manufacturer technology level of energy-saving and heat-dissipating switching power supply transformers reach the industry leader.
For example, Wuxi Derun Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a DC26-00052A energy-saving heat-dissipating switching power supply transformer for Suzhou Samsung Electronics. It is used for air-conditioning control boards and refrigerator control boards for reliability testing. Models, promote product diversification and upgrade, and enhance the added value of products. Suzhou Samsung Electronics claims that this switching power supply transformer can reduce the power load of 7% to 10%; it can achieve a better air-conditioning effect without lowering the set temperature. It has both comfort and energy-saving, and will be used in large quantities. In the future, Wuxi Derun Electronics Co., Ltd. will also continue to open up innovation and lead new markets.



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